Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

If anyone knows anything about me, its that I really love cities and exploring them. At home you'll find me in London at any spare time I can find! So, when we finally reached Kuala Lumpur I was super excited. I had heard so much from other travellers that we've been meeting about the place, and being the capital of Malaysia, it sure wasn't going to be a place that I'd miss along the journey! 

Kuala Lumpur is very big, so walking around from A to B isn't always the best option. Fortunately, they have a great monorail system that is quick, cheap and very easy to use. The most we paid for any journey was around the equivalent to 60p, so if you're on a budget, then this is by far the best way to get around. There really isn't any need to use a taxi (which I was pleased about because I can never be bothered to barter with their stupidly high prices). 

To see views of this incredible city, you have the option of going up either the 'KL tower' or of the course the incredible 'Petronas towers'. We chose the KL because it would give us a view of the towers instead of us just being in them, and all we would be able to see would be general skyscrapers. Most people choose the Petronas towers because they're very iconic, however you don't get to go as high as the KL tower so therefore you don't see as much. People that I have spoken to that have gone up have said that it really isn't worth it (but of course that's your decision to make). The prices are both similar at around £20 per adult to go up either of the towers, which for Asia I think is quite expensive, but it was worth it and we did really enjoy it.

After we went up the KL tower we walked to the Petronas towers so that we could get an even better view. Its not too far to walk there from the KL tower. It was really nice to have seen it from up high as well as from the ground. There are some pretty fountains beneath it too where you can sit and just chill out.

There are lots of malls in the city, so you don't have to worry if you want to go shopping! You don't have to walk for long before you come across yet another one selling your everyday Prada and Armani bags. My favourite mall was a much cheaper one called 'Times Square'. This has 10 floors and right at the top it has a theme park that you can go in and use. It's so weird to be shopping and look up to see a huge roller coaster above your head! It's about £10 per adult to get in, so if you've got a bit of spare cash then seriously go in! Unfortunately we are poor, so we couldn't, but it was still cool to just look! They also have a Nandos in there which comes to a whopping £4 for the whole meal, exactly like it would come out on a plate to you in England. Bargain or what?!?!

For a short trip outside of the city, we went and visited the Batu Caves. This is a sacred Hindu temple right up high in a cave in the side of the mountain. It was very spectacular to see, and on the train journey there, you can't help but see the absolutely colossal Buddha standing tall at the entrance. You have to climb around 300 steps to get to the top, and then walk through the cave entrance a little way before you reach the temple. It's definitely worth a see and completely free so that's always nice for the wallet. 

What's even better about the Batu Caves is the 'dark caves', which are just on your left after you've walked about three quarters of the way up. It's a tour of about an hour, where they take you deep into the cave (fully equipped with helmets and torches), and you can view all of the amazing wildlife (spiders, snakes, cockroaches, bats, snails etc) that they have in there as well as listen to the information that the guides are telling you. At one point, they make you all fully turn off your lights so that you can't see a thing, so that was really cool (and scary). This was the highlight of our trip to Kuala Lumpur by far, and I seriously recommend everyone to go in and having a tour as its just so fascinating. It costs about £7 so it's really not too bad and it's totally worth every penny. Just beware of the monkeys on the way up, they're very naughty and we witnessed a poor girl have her brand new top ripped out of her carrier bag and be taken high up to the tree tops and be pulled to pieces. It's safe to say she was not very happy! 

Two food things you should do in Kuala Lumpur- 
1. Try a durian. This is a fruit and it absolutely stinks, yet they go crazy for it out here. Some people refer to it as a smell similar to rotting garbage. It smells that bad that if you have it on a train or in your hotel room, you can get fined around £100-£500. You'll either love it or you'll hate it, and I know it smells god awful but it's everywhere out here and you have to try it, just to say you've done it. We did. I thought it was ok, not as bad as everyone made it out to be but I wouldn't eat it again. Ryan was repulsed and very upset at me for making him try it. He complained the for the whole day informing me of his view towards this fruit and the terrible 'onion taste' that he couldn't get rid of in his mouth. Poor boy, how ever is he still living?
2. Have Indian roti for breakfast. I know curry for breakfast sounds weird, but it's actually the best thing ever. Just trust me and try it. 

Of course there are lots of things to do in Kuala Lumpur, we just didn't have very long to stay there so this is what we chose to do. Definitely just go and explore yourself too if you have longer as there are some really fascinating thing to see and do. Overall it's a really interesting city and I definitely recommend going. 

Sasha x


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