Malaysia - Cameron Highlands

Escaping the crazy heat of Malaysia was certainly very satisfying during our stay in the Cameron Highlands. As its very high up in the mountains, the temperature drops quite considerably and we actually found ourselves wearing a hoody when we went out for dinner (which was so nice for a change!) 

The Cameron Highlands are exceptionally beautiful and a really nice change from the hectic cities and towns. Everything is so green as its mainly full of beautiful forests that you can get completely lost in and hike around for days! Unfortunately for us, the weather thought it would be really kind and rain/storm pretty much most of the duration of our stay so hiking was sadly off the agenda! We were a bit gutted but it allowed us to chill out a bit, which is very much needed when you travel. I can't believe how exhausted I constantly am! 

On one morning whilst we were there, the rain decided to stay away for a while (result), so we quickly took this opportunity and bought a tour package with a company called 'TJ tours'. There are tour companies all over the place here, however we had specifically been recommended this one. BEST RECOMMENDATION EVER! Our driver was called Mike (again this was a recommendation to specifically ask for him to be the driver, and only him) and he was just brilliant! His knowledge of the town was amazing and he told us some really interesting facts. The tour consists of a trip to the BOH tea plantation, a drive to the summit of Gunung Brinchang (which Mike let us sit on the top of his jeep for, something NO other tour company does there. Health and safety? Who cares! This was the best thing and made the whole trip totally worth it. You can just take in the fresh air and see all around the beautiful forest!), visit to the strawberry farm (but being British this was nothing new to us), a tour of the mossy forest (again most tour companies just take you on the canopy walk way so you can walk to the end and back, but no, not Mike! He took us on a right little hiking adventure climbing over and under the roots, down mini cliffs and really exploring the forest! We got so muddy but whatever, it was insane!), and lastly a butterfly and reptile farm which I did not enjoy one bit (all of the animals are in tiny cages and get picked up and prodded all the time, a load of HUGE tortoises in tiny enclosures and lots of very unloved Guinea pigs crammed in together that were very hungry. I was sad. I wanted to take them all but unfortuantly I couldn't, so persisted to jump over the fence and pick loads of dandelion leaves to throw into their cage. They went crazy for them, probably the first time they'd ever tried dandelion leaves. It was the best I could give them). The tour cost 50 Ringgits, which is about £10 so it was such a fantastic value for what we got! Just maybe miss out the reptile farm. It's not nice and will just make you sad and wish you'd never trusted them when they told you it was 'a place where the are very looked after'. 

You can get some cracking Indian curries up here too. A recommendation from a local was 'Singh Chapati' which was a local Malay family run Indian restaurant, and was lush! Its definitely one to try out. 

So all in all, except for the storm and rain, we had a really love couple of days up here and I would one day love to return and maybe do some of the many hiking trails that they have on offer. You can access the Cameron Highlands from pretty much anywhere in Malaysia, the bus companies usually have a coach that will take you up there. So check it out! 

Sasha x

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