Thailand - Lopburi

If you want to see Monkeys then Thailand is definitely your place. They're everywhere so you're bound to see one every now and again if you look hard enough. However, if this isn't enough for you (like it wasn't for me) and you want to see HUNDREDS of monkeys in the same place and have them jump all over you and steal everything they can possibly get their hands on (I wasn't planning on that), then Lopburi is the place to be. 

Lopburi is a small town that has been over run by monkeys, and the locals are always facing a constant battle to keep them under control. It's quite funny really! They feed them vegetables twice a day in an attempt that maybe they will stay calm and behave (as well as a monkey can I suppose), but they're still incredibly naughty. If you have anything on you like a hat, sun glasses, food (even if it's hidden they can still smell it), camera that's not secure to a strap on you etc, they will take it within seconds of you arriving. Best advice is to make sure that everything is secure and take nothing with you that you'd be sad if you lost! They will jump on you, this is inevitable, but just be super careful and remember that these are wild animals and can bite (and monkey bites can be dangerous), but as long as you don't panic you'll be fine. They'll just play with your hair and search you for something they can take before jumping off (they took all my rubbish from the side pocket of my bag so I was lucky... I was holding very tight to my bag though). If you don't want one on you, just take a big stick and hit it on the ground - they'll definitely jump off then as this is how the locals keep them under control and they're scared of sticks.

You don't really need longer than a day here as its quite small, but definitely worth a see if you're a monkey fanatic and want to see more than you ever imagined you'd see in one place. Trust me, there's hundreds! There is also a bat cave you can go into and see bats flying around over your head, so that's pretty cool to see. 

Lopburi is about 3 hours out of Bangkok and is on the northern train line so it's very easy to get there. You can also get a minivan/bus from Bangkok (120THB), so there are lots of ways you can reach it if the trains are all sold out (which happens quite a lot if you don't book in advance). 

Sasha x


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