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I've been here only three days but it's official... I love Thailand! We're currently in Bangkok which is sooooo hot (38 degrees it was today), so I am pretty much dying of sweat and just looking like a massive blob of grossness for the duration of the time we've been here! But this place is just soooooo lovely though. The people are incredibly nice and you just can't help but smile all the time. Yesterday was the first day of the Thai new year and some man just stopped us in the street to tell us everything we should go and see, wrote us out an itinerary, found us a tuk tuk with a good price that he got agreed for us and shook our hands with a HUGE smile and said 'Welcome to Thailand', before going on his way. So adorable! 

Temples are everywhere here in Bangkok, and they're incredible. We spent our first day going from temple to temple to see what they're all about. They're not expensive at all to get in to (around 20-100THB, 30p-£2) and they're not overly large so you can do a few in a day. We saw the largest standing Buddha, the lucky Buddha and went up the Golden Mount. The Buddhas and the temples they are in were just amazing and definitely worth seeing for some Buddhist culture. It's so peaceful there and you could sit for hours just taking in the energy that surrounds them. The Golden Mount was also something I'd totally recommend. It's around 400 steps to climb to the top, but once you get up you can overlook Bangkok in 360 degrees which is pretty spectacular. Unfortunately we couldn't stay too long because the sun was so hot and we were melting, so I'd probably recommend going earlier to miss the heat. 

Also, the Chatuchak weekend market is awesome and if you're in Bangkok at the weekend you really shouldn't miss this badboy! It's one of the worlds largest markets (we got very lost) and they sell everything and anything you could possibly want; clothes, home decor, art, food, massages, plants and even pets! I got very excited by the cages containing Guinea pigs (Ryan had to remind me that they probably wouldn't enjoy a 6 month journey around the world so I can't have one. I beg to differ though). They have some beautiful boutiques with clothes that they've handmade themselves, so we couldn't help but buy some things. Everything is so cheap! We must have spent around £15 and we got 1 pair of shorts, 2 vests, a pair of sunglasses, a long sleeve jumper dress thing (oh my lord it's lush), drinks and food for both of us. I think we did pretty well really. 

Tomorrow we leave Bangkok to start heading North. Can't wait to see what adventures lay ahead!!! Ryan will also have a video up of our time in Bangkok shortly, so look out for it on his instagram @ryanjamiejohn! 

Sasha x 

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