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Ayutthaya is such an adorable place and I totally recommend anyone to visit if you have a spare couple of days free. It is an hour by minivan from Bangkok, costs 60THB (about £1.20) and you can get on one at Victory Monument which is quite central in Bangkok city. 

This place is a historical park and woah is it absolutely breath taking! It's quite big so you can hire bikes for the whole day to get around the site (an AMAZING 50THB which is only £1, ONE POUND! Can I get a hell yeah!?), and this is exactly what we did. Now, the heat here is stupidly high (today was 41 degrees) and you'd think 'how the hell am I going to be able to ride a bike in that heat?', however it's all pretty flat and surprisingly it's cooler than just walking around because you have the breeze going on to you as you pedal. 

There are 6 main temples that you can visit, and you can get a ticket for any of them at the entrance when you get there. They're 50TBH each or you can buy a multi ticket for all 6 and that's 220TBH. The ruins of what used to be are so beautiful and there are some real incredible sights. My favourite of the 6 was 'Wat Mayathat' which holds the famous Buddha head in the roots of a tree. What's awesome about this is that no one knows when or how it got there, so it's really spectacular to see. 

You can also get Tuk Tuk rides, boat rides (Ayutthaya is on a little island as its surrounded the whole way round by a river) or elephant rides (I am SO against this but I'll talk about that in another blog), so if bikes aren't your thing there are lots of other options to get around the park.

With regards to somewhere to stay, there is lots of choice to suit what you want, however we stayed at Stockhome Hostel which was SO perfect and somewhere I'd really recommend to stay. It's 250TBH a night so dead cheap, clean, and so much space to chill and socialise with other travellers. You can also watch DVDs and they have a book exchange so you can't get bored if you just want to chill for the day. There's also a super cute coffee shop and cafe next door! We booked through hostel world, so here is that link if you'd like to book to stay here -

Sasha x 

P.s check out Ryans video on Ayutthaya below:


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