Dubai - The Miracle Gardens/Global Village

A couple of days ago we went to 'The Miracle Gardens' and they are so beautiful; totally worth a visit if you have a couple of hours to spare! It was 30 AED to get in to the gardens which is around £6, so not too expensive at all. It is full of amazing flower arrangements that look just how I always have imagined the Alice in wonderland gardens to look! They're really incredible but really odd at the same time. There are buildings that are made out of lemons and Beatles (the cars) turned upside down with flowers sprouting out of them and water flowing through. There are lots of places to get something to eat/drink too and some seating areas in the flowers, so makes for a great place to chill out for a while. 

Global village is also totally worth seeing (it is the strangest place I've seen in Dubai yet). It's a mini closed off village with sections of different countries all around the world, and you enter the country's section that you want and there is a market that resembles that country. Some of the country examples are Italy, UAE, UK, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iran, Africa, Turkey, India etc. I think there is like 76 different ones so tonnes! Now you might be thinking 'that sounds like a great idea' and yes you're correct, however when you get there you realise that each section is pretty much exactly the same and sells the same stuff just slightly differently. So there isn't much that makes each section stand out being its own country. It's very funny! Like, all of the clothes in each section are the same, and the food and jewellery. But it was cool to see and there was some nice stuff being sold that you could buy. You just don't need to go into every section, two or three and you've seen mostly what they have to offer. There is also a fun fair and shows on in the evening, so lots to do and see. We met a man in the Turkey section (selling Turkish delight of course) and he asked where we were from. We told him the UK and then he asked where and we said Northampton and he said 'I lived in Kingsthorpe for 3 years about 15 years ago'! It was the strangest thing! Half way around the world and you meet a Turkish man who has lived in your home town. Maaaaaad.

Anyway, this was only 15 AED to get in which is around £3 so you really can't go wrong if you wanted to see something a little bit different in Dubai. Also, go earlier in the afternoon because in the evening it's gets incredibly full! Oh, and keep your knees and shoulders covered - this is the only place I have come across in Dubai so far that I've had to do that! 

Sasha x



  1. Awesome post! Love the pictures, looks great fun!

  2. Looks incredible! Super envious, looking forward to more posts. Have fun! :)


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