Dubai - Desert Safari

We ended up in the desert again last night (clearly you can't get us away from it), but this was a completely different trip to the last one when we were camping. Desert safaris are advertised all over the place out here so we thought why not book one and see what it's like. You can get ones that pick you up from your apartment which are around 150 AED (£30ish) or ones that pick you up from a certain location that you make your own way to, and these are around 95 AED (£19ish). They all include the same activities and last from mid afternoon until the evening when they drop you back into the city/where you're staying, so we went for the cheaper option to save us some money as where they pick you up from is only a 15 minute drive from us. Bad idea. 

The actual safari (once you were there) was awesome, and I'd totally recommend doing one if you want to see the real desert and the dunes. You start off with what's called 'dune bashing' where you get into a jeep and they drive like maniacs over HUGE sand dunes and you're literally flying through the air. I pretty much screamed the whole time but it was soooo fun. We then arrived at the destination in the desert and you could do anything from camel rides (which I refuse to do), holding birds of prey (which I also refuse to do), sand boarding, quad biking, henna, smoking shisha (it's huge out here), trying on Arabic traditional dress and various other stuff. When you've had a look around and done everything you wanted to, you can sit down and watch the entertainment which includes belly dancing, a man that spins around for about 5 minutes (so stupid but hilarious) and some other forms of dancing. They also provide food to you in a buffet style so there's lots to choose from, and best of all... It's all vegan and vegetarian! If you eat meat however, fear not, you just have to go around the back and there is a bbq supplying it for you. The food was yummy though so that was great. 

So the difference between the two price options of the safari (which we didn't realise) were quite big. Firstly of course if you pay more they pick you up themselves and they're you're driver for the whole trip. You also get your own jeep (unless there is like 2 of you then they'll probably put someone else with you) so they're not cramming in lots of people you don't know (like on our bus of 30 very annoying people), and then at the end they drop you back home in the jeep. Secondly all of the activities you can do at the safari are free, where as with the cheaper option we went with, you can only do the free henna, smoking shisha, traditional dress, food and entertainment which included at no extra price. So no sand boarding for us boo! Thirdly, you only got to do the dune bashing for 10 minutes on the cheap one but on the other you do it for about 30 minutes (and this is by far the best bit)! And lastly, because you're being taken to a location on a bus, you have to wait for everyone else to come back to the bus before you can leave (you are only in a jeep once you get to the desert), and we were probably waiting around 45 minutes which was so annoying. The bus driver was also so rude and drove like an idiot so we did not feel safe AT all and he wouldn't drop us back off in the correct place that we needed, which resulted in us crossing a busy road and walking 15 minutes back to the car. 

If I was to do it again I'd definitely pay the extra money. I think the whole experience could have been so much better and I wouldn't have feared for my life in that little bus we all crammed onto. 

The travel company we went with were called Onyx travel (we found them on groupon), and seriously they were NOT good so don't go with them. My mum has been with the company Arabian Nights Tours (the more expensive option) and she said these guys were so much better and she had a far far more enjoyable time with them.

Lesson learnt. You get what you pay for. But still, it was fun. 

Sasha x 



  1. Sounds pretty exciting guys! Bit scary too :D Glad you having fun!

  2. Dune bashing sounds a bit aggressive, but maybe necessary if the dunes are getting a bit above themselves (sorry that was a terrible joke....not sure it even counts as a joke but is the best I can do on a day I've only eaten dried green beans). Anyway, loving the blogs...keep posting, lots of love xxx

    1. hahaha you're very funny! Dune bashing was definitely a bit agressive for sure x


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