Abu Dhabi - The Grand Mosque


The UAE is made up of 7 Emirates (Dubai being one of them), so we decided that we would visit another of those 7 Emirates. About an hour and a half out of Dubai by car,  you come across Abu Dhabi. This is where we spent a day. It was really lovely to explore another part of the UAE as they're all very different from each other. 

In Abu Dhabi you can find the grand mosque, which is the only mosque that lets women in to prey, as well as tourists to look around. It was really wonderful to get an insight into Islam and see where many of the population of the UAE go to pray. The mosque was so beautiful and completely blew me away. They're are mosques everywhere out here, but none quite like the grand mosque (plus it's probably 100x bigger than any other mosque you come across). To enter, ladies have to wear an Abaya (the black material which covers your whole body and hair) and men just need to make sure their arms and legs are covered. Other than that, there isn't any other restrictions, and it's free to get in. I certainly can NOT rock an Abaya the way that the women do out here. They always look stunning in them, where as I looked like an egg. 

But anyway, it was awesome to have seen the mosque and to be welcomed in to have a look around their holy place. I can't describe how incredible it is with words, I just totally 100% recommend going if you have a chance and want to see some real UAE culture.

Sasha x



  1. haha! i like the pics with your little feet poking into shot! marp marp!


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