Dubai - Camping In The Desert

Yesterday, we decided to go camping in the desert and it was just the coolest thing ever!  We got into the cars and you just have to drive out of the city for about 30-45 minutes and you reach the desert (it's huge!). All you can see for miles and miles are sand dunes and it's just wonderful. We just parked up at the side of the road and wondered over to a nice quiet dip in the dunes to set up camp. It took me ages to realise that I was actually sitting in the middle of nowhere, and just allow myself to take in fully the beauty of where I was. Here in Dubai everything is man made so there isn't much natural beauty, but once you see that desert it just takes your breath away so it's totally worth a visit. 

We set up the tents and had a wonder around (it was very hot so we couldn't go too far without almost dying - I am very dramatic I know), and then we made a fire and lit the BBQ's. It was so awesome. Once it gets dark it gets a lot cooler so it's lovely and we just laid down and looked up at the stars for ages. The only downside to being there is of course sand gets EVERYWHERE, and as much as you think laying on sand would be soft, it's SO hard (like concrete) and I have a delightful backache right now! But whatever, it was totally worth it! Also the bugs love love love to fly right next to your ear and land on you 24/7, so that's a lot of fun (not). 

The best thing about the desert is that you can just rock up and camp/chill wherever you want, there won't be a single person around, it's beautiful, quiet and it's completely free. Living free under the stars, what can be better than that? 

Sasha x 

P.S beware of the camels, they are everywhere and anywhere in the desert so if one stumbles across you don't be alarmed, they're such funny animals. Plus the babies are adorable! 



  1. Great pictures :) where's Indiana Jones's? Love it!

  2. Great pictures :) where's Indiana Jones's? Love it!


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