Dubai - Arriving

Finally, after what seems like FOREVER, 5 days ago we started our round the world journey - and man are we excited! 

Of course the plane journey was poo (unfortunately I despise planes SO much, so regardless of how the plane actually went I still felt like I was going to die), but we made it in one piece so I can't complain too much. It's around 6 hours and 45 minutes for the whole flight.  

Dubai, our first destination, and I am already in love! The airport is just a dream the second that you step off of the plane. It's a massive and really long airport with a huge waterfall in it, which is pretty cool. You always hear things about how Dubai is super strict with loads of rules (don't do this, don't do that, bla bla) but really it's fine. Okay, I did get randomly selected for EVERYTHING and had to go separately from everyone else and unpack EVERYTHING so that they could see that I wasn't carrying anything that I shouldn't be. It's so scary, but of course I know I haven't got anything bad so it's ok! As long as you have an onward journey or a return ticket they're happy enough anyway. They must only take through about 5% of people that walk through the airport for an inspection, so clearly I'm just very unlucky (or just look strange). You normally just go through the airport like any normal place with nothing to worry about (well, that's if you're lucky and don't get randomly selected like me of course!).

We had to walk out of the airport to find the taxi. I find its best to actually try and leave the airport to find a taxi as if you get one inside then they always seem to be far more expensive. There is a choice of black taxis or the brown ones with the people standing in their uniform outside the cars - and those brown ones are the ones that you want to go with! Cheap and cheerful and get you to where you want to go. The black ones will rip you off, so just say no and find the brown ones. 

Ahhhh, I really can't believe we are here at destination number 1. The adventure is finally beginning and I can't wait to see what Dubai has to offer. Yay for new things. 

Sasha x



  1. Hi Sasha :) looks great! Now living your dream. Enjoy
    Love Mandy xxx

  2. haha the second photo is so funny, by the way did you use http://kiwitaxi.com/UAE/Dubai?its very cheap, my friend from Dubai suggested me this taxi service!

    1. No we didn't actually! My mum lives there so she has a car that we could get around in! We got a few taxis from the mall but that way about it! :)


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